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Do it yourself: Room Divider



– 3 wooden panels (here 60 x 180 cm)

– 1 pot 0.5l paint, brush and a small roller

– Fabric (here from Ikea, 6m long, dependent on the size of the print)

– Saw, sanding paper,

– Sewing machine, thread, Velcro, press studs

– Screws and hinges

– A few hours free…

When I proposed to put my desk back in our bedroom, so that our daughters could have their own bedroom again, my condition was that I needed a room divider to split to office part en the bedroom part of the room. As I could not find any to buy, I decided to make it myself (with my husband then).

I am sensitive to energies and I knew that the energy of a bedroom does not combine very well with the energy of a (home) office. The room divider was my solution to this problem. Believe me or not, but the first nights we spent in our (new) bedroom without room divider (Which was not yet finished), I did not sleep properly, whereas I did after we installed it…

Before we even started, we spent quite some time thinking about the design (and asked for help). We were afraid that simply making a frame of wood would not be strong enough, so we choose to buy panels. But as those ones are really heavy, we ended up removing 2 square pieces in the middle as well (as per drawing).

I wanted to find a nice fabric to cover the wood. I wanted to fix it in such a way that I could remove it to wash it or to replace it later if I grew out of it. I also wanted the room divider to look the same from both sides. So at the end I had to buy quite a few meters of fabric. You also need to take into consideration the length of the print (here about 85 cm, so I could fit 2 in the length) and the width of the print (here I had to use only half).

We first painted the panels. Then we cut out a piece of wood from 1cm x 52cm, leaving 4cm on each side, so that the fabric could slide in. Then we fixed the hinges. To close the fabric (but not so that I could not remove it anymore), I used Velcro. I was not completely happy with it so I also used press-studs.

It is now in use en extremely useful!


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