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9 mistakes not to make when decorating your bedroom


It’s late. Time to sleep. You need it desperately but you can fall asleep yet. Why is it so difficult to sleep well and get some good rest in your own bedroom?  Is there anything hindering your energy? Is it too light, too dark, too noisy, too messy? How could you look at your bedroom in an objective way in order to understand which mistakes you may have made? I am going to help you and describe here 9 common mistakes, so that you can “make it right” in your bedroom. Because what is even better than correcting is preventing!

  1. 1. Which color(s) do you use? For your walls, but also for your floor, your furniture, your decoration accessories. Who did not yet have the following experience: looking at a room, finding it nicely decorated and at the same time not feeling very well in that space? The color of the walls is the most important, because it occupies the most space. Be therefore very careful with your choice of color. Avoid if possible dark colors. Take grey for instance. There are plenty of different nuances of grey, but when is grey too dark? Feng-Shui advises to use pink in your bedroom. I admit, it’s a bit feminine, but there as well you can find so many different variants, you can mix colors, you can also paint a wall in a different color than the 3 other walls. Blue is another commonly used color in a bedroom, but don’t use it in a (already) cold bedroom. You can also use red, but don’t expect to sleep well 😉
  2. 2. No TV, no computer. It is well known that the waves sent by the TV and computers are bad for the human body. I agree that it feels very nice to watch TV in a warm bed, but don’t you think it cuts communication with your other half? And that the Wii should stay in the lounge in order to play with the rest of the family?
  3. 3. No old picture of you /your partner /your kids. You can of course hang picture in your house. However, if they are 10 years old, they don’t represent who you are now but bring you back to your past. Is that really what you want? Wouldn’t you prefer focusing on going forward? And for kids’ pictures, yes, but not in your bedroom…
  4. 4. No picture or painting of man or woman alone when you share your bedroom with your partner. That would be an invitation to go elsewhere…
  5. 5. No desk in your bedroom (at least not without a good separation!). I already mentioned it in a previous article, if you don’t have any other place to put it, then do it, but please make it a separate space by using a draught-screen or a curtain for instance. Be creative if needed, but make sure you don’t see your desk (and everything on it) when you are in bed!
  6. 6. No bicycle. Do you know why? Because it would literally mean that your relationship is standing still. Wouldn’t that be a shame…
  7. 7. No big mirror (and not above your bed either!). For different reasons, le Feng-Shui for one advises to avoid mirrors in the bedroom in order not to lose your energy and to be able to sleep well. Some people also prefer not to see their face directly when waking up 😉
  8. 8. Tidy up! It does not have to be so bad that you can’t even walk without hitting something on the ground, to be disturbing. Too many books on your bedside table, you don’t even remember which one you are reading. Too many clothes on your chair that you need to remove. Too many magazines etc. This « too many of » is polluting your energy, and you can’t help it but you keep saying to yourself that you need to tidy up!
  9. 9. Avoid asymmetry, especially if you live with someone or if you want to meet someone! By that I mean that it is better to have 2 of the same kind of bedside tables, 2 lamps, and an even numbers of cushions on your bed. But if you want to stay single then make it asymmetric!

I hope I gave you some clues to look at your bedroom with a fresh eye. If you are in doubt and don’t know what you need to do about it, send me a picture that I can put on my blog and I will give you some advice!

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