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Do it yourself: Doorstop









Fabric (remains),


Sewing machine

Gravel (or something small and heavy)

Small plastic bags

Ribbon of small cord


Cut a piece of fabric about 15 x 30 cm (+3cm for the hem, so 18 x 33).

The finished pyramid will be about 15 x 15 cm.

Sew the sides with a zigzag stich, and then fold the fabric in 2 to obtain a square. Place a piece of ribbon (about 18 cm long, folded in 2) inside so that you will sew it too.

Sew 2 sides of the pyramid.

Here’s what you get:

Fold now the last side so that you make a pyramid shape. Only sew a few centimeters on each side and let the middle free so that you can turn it and stuff it. Prepare small bags with gravel (close them well!) and put them in the pyramid. When it is heavy enough (between 500 and 700 g is good), sew it manually to close it completely.

You can now use it!



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