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Do it yourself: Bookcase makeover



– 1 bookcase,

– 1 pot 0.5l paint, brush and a small roller

– 1 roll of matching wallpaper,

– sanding paper, sanding machine

– glue for wallpaper

– a few hours free…

I had already refreshed this bookcase once, after I had bought it from a thrift shop, but this was long ago and it needed a new look. Now it is perfect to go into one of my daughters’ bedroom.

The first thing is obviously to sand it properly; otherwise painting would be a disaster (I am talking from experience). We used a sanding machine and finished it with sanding paper. That already takes up quite some time…

When you are ready with that, you can proceed to painting. I recommend you do 2 layers (in some places 3 may also be necessary to cover it properly). We used the brush and a small roller. We also painted the shelves underneath.

Then you may prepare and glue the wallpaper on the inside of the bookcase. As this one was wider than the width of the wallpaper (generally 53cm), it meant paying attention to the print to fit both parts together.

Some shelves were damaged or not so straight anymore, so we decided to replace them in the process. We used MDF, 1 cm thick, and we had it cut in the shop. But it is never perfect so you always need to adjust it yourself as well. What you also need tot think of (we didn’t) is that you will loose a few millimeters because of the wallpaper on both sides.

We also had 2 small parts fixed in the front of the shelves, we painted them and put them back, but glued them instead so that we would not see screws or nails.

You can now fill it in!

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