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Are you sure it’s your house you want to sell?


Your house is for sale. The pictures are published on the internet. About 15 to 20 of them. You did your best to make your house look good and attractive. Or maybe you did not? Because when I look at the pictures below, I have the feeling that you want to sell something else than your house…

Your wood stove for example. Because it stands right in the middle of this picture, and you don’t really know where you are here. Are you in the middle of the living room or somewhere else?  What kind of room is this?

Or your toilets, regardless of their beauty and originality, please don’t put a picture of your toilets on the internet! (and yet, we are lucky, those ones are closed…). My point is, nowadays nobody goes in the garden anymore, everybody has a toilet in their house, so why do you need to show it?

I also found pictures of surroundings, streets, entrances of apartment buildings. Yes, sure, the street is empty and the hall looks clean, but what does this picture bring to the attractiveness of your house? Will people buy your house because of the empty street or the plants in the hall?

You have a parking spot in the garage under the building, that’s great, easy to park! But do you really need to show us 2 pictures of your parking? Do you live in your car in the parking, or upstairs?

On this one I doubt whether you wanted to sell the red chair or the painting. This picture does not show how big the room is and the red chair is right in the middle. Isn’t there any other corner where you could take a better picture, in order to show more of the desk for instance?

When I look at this picture, the first thing I see is the wallpaper. Because it’s sooo outspoken. Then (and only then) I see the bed, but also the pictures on the bedside tables, the boxes (ready for the move) under the bed. But not really the bedroom itself. Do you have for example enough space to add a closet or a chest of drawers?

This is obviously the laundry-room. But I also know for sure that you can turn it into a bedroom. And I know that an additional bedroom is always more attractive to the potential buyer than a laundry-room. Was that really the only option you had to store the washing machine en the dryer?

This is certainly a nice flowery composition and it has a definite style, but this picture does not say anything about the room itself. I see a table and some chairs but that’s about it. Do you think that the potential buyers would want to take this vase and flowers over from you?

Here again, it might be a nice boot, and you can look at the water outside, but this picture is very dark because of the focus on the window. Moreover, it does not say anything about the room itself, which kind of room is it, a bedroom, office, living-room?

You definitely like red. So do I, but I think that not everybody does, and that this intense red color may work against you with some potential buyers. On the picture I also see a nice collection of pans, are they for sale too?

I would expect those 2 pictures on Ebay, with everything on it for sale! Cleaning and clearing the space is really the first thing you should do when preparing your house for sale… Do you want to sell your children’s toys or do you want to sell the space your house has to offer? Because if you want to go for the 2nd option, I would definitely advise you to prepare these rooms in a very different way…

This article was inspired by the website (literally translated to: Wrong Houses), where Jacqueline and Nicolet are collecting (wrong) pictures of houses for sale on the internet (although I took mine directly from where you can find all houses for sale in The Netherlands!).

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  1. Agnes permalink
    19/03/2010 11:20 pm

    I liked your article, it made me smile because you are right about the impression these photos give, and you say it in a fun and constructive way.

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