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3 ways to make sure you enjoy your garden during winter

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It’s definitely winter. Days are shorter. It’s cold outside and you want to stay inside, warm and cozy. But when the sky is blue and the sun is shining, you feel like you should go outside for a bit. The only thing is, your garden currently looks like nothing. It’s grey, sad, depressing and really does not invite you to go out. What can you do about it? In this article I propose 3 tips that will help you transform your garden into an enjoyable place in winter.

The first thing to do is to bring color in your garden. With flowers and plants. There are quite some species that are blossoming in winter and do not suffer from the cold. Take for instance the cowslips, the pansies (see picture), the winter roses, the hamamelis, bergenia, camellia and hellebore.

You can for example associate different colors and thereby create a beautiful harmony. Use rather warm colors, like the colors from the trees in autumn, yellow, red, brown. Try to plant in your garden some trees that do not lose their leaves, so that they stay green and your garden looks nice. If you have a balcony or a terrace, you can also play with the colors of the pots, use here some warm colors as well and make a nice combination. Between the colors of the flowers and the colors of the pots, you can play quite a lot already and get a very colorful balcony! If you have nice relaxing chairs to sit on as well, you can use some colorful cushions to add even more color.

My second tip is to bring some light outside, so that the garden becomes the continuation of the living room. When it’s dark outside, you switch on the lights inside of course, but you can switch on some lights outside as well. And your living room seems immediately much bigger. You can for instance use solar lamps that load their batteries during the day and give light when it’s dark. You can also use some standard outside lamps. Or even some lamps that you can use as pots for plants (see picture). And at this time of year, you can also use Christmas lights and decorations. With a cozy garden set, you won’t hesitate anymore to come and enjoy your garden and the winter sun!

My third tip is to be able to hear a nice music… The birds singing. Even if you only have a small balcony, you can still hang a little bird house. With some seeds, nuts and a fatty ball, you will attract some pleasant visitors! We have one in our garden, and last year we got a couple of titmice which got a little one. It’s so nice to look at and to listen to. With a bit of food you can also attract lots of other sorts of birds, like robins and finches. Those lively birds contribute to a nice atmosphere and a pleasant environment with their singing and flying around.

Click here to listen to its song

I hope you will be able to use my tips for your garden or balcony and that you will enjoy it even more in those cold days. Send me a picture of your garden after changing it and I will publish it on my blog!

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