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The 3 things you absolutely need to know before you prepare the baby room


You are pregnant. For the first time. The future baby room is still the laundry room. You need to turn it into a baby room and you don’t know where to start. Which pieces of furniture do you need? What do you need not to forget? There is so much to think about! I will tell you in this article what are the 3 most important things that you need to know before you start.

You don’t know yet how it’s going to be when the baby is here. Maybe you thought maybe already about how to prevent him from falling down the stairs or putting his little fingers in the plugs, but how can you make sure that your baby is safe? How do you make sure that you can take your much needed rest without worrying about him? How do you make sure that he does not get to grab all your stuff? How do you make sure you can enjoy your parenthood? I will help you and explain the 3 most important ones:  safety, flexibility and use of colors.

Safety is the most important concept. You go to those baby shops and you see everywhere all those small safety features that you even did not know they existed. For the electrical sockets, for the corners of the tables etc. Yes you really need those, and much more actually. Normally you planned a table or a chest of drawers where you will clean the baby and change his nappy. Make sure you have everything available on the table: the nappies, the babywipes , the clean clothes , the special cream for the nappy rash etc. But the baby should not be able to grab any of that himself (otherwise it goes directly to his mouth of course!). Because once you started changing your baby, you can’t stop and go get something you forgot. Within a few months, your baby is already able to turn! The chance he may fall down is far too big. And it becomes bigger and bigger as your baby grows. When he is then able to sit down, make sure he can’t hit a hard wall or a beam above or behind him.

You probably already have a coffin or a baby bed. Make sure it’s stable (a Moses basket resting on a stand could still fall). Make sure all the bars are well fixed (I mean it, my daughter started going out of her bed which was lacking only one bar, she was 2 years old and could walk, but still…). Make sure the bed does not get stuff with all sorts of teddy bears and small toys that could be dangerous. Think about something with a cord, or something with small parts that could be removed. Some babies are quite entrepreneurial… Nice for later, but not really handy yet!

A baby room can become full very quickly. Make sure the floor stays empty and that all the toys are not loose but in a basket or a drawer. Imagine if you walked across the room with your baby and you hit a toy on the ground, and fell with your baby. You really don’t want that!

Flexibility is the 2nd most important concept. Within 2 to 3 years, your baby has become a toddler. You need even more space to store all his stuff, even more toys, more teddy bears… You need another bed already, because he does not want to sleep in his little bed anymore. He wants to grow (and you to recognize it!) He also wants to do more and more himself. Like choosing his clothes, dressing up himself, removing his clothes, hanging his jacket etc. You can help him, for instance with a xx that you would put at his height. If you thought of those things before, then you don’t need to change the room and the furniture so much, just the bed maybe. You can also add a chest, to put away all the toys. Maybe a small table and small chairs to sit on, like mummy and daddy.

And now the 3rd most important thing: the use of colors in your baby room. It does not seem so important, just pick a color you like! But actually it is not that simple. The colors you like might not be the best to use for the rest of your baby. And his sleep is for him the most important thing. And you can help him! Make sure you use soft and calm colors. Avoid for example busy prints on wallpaper. The room should be light, but you should also be able to make it completely dark when it’s time for him to sleep. You can use for instance special blinds or curtains that block the light. Feng-Shui says that the best colors you can use for a baby room are soft colors (but you don’t have to use blue or pink!).

To end this article with a good Feng-Shui tip: make a connection with your inner child, use it and enjoy it when you prepare the baby room. This great energy you are generating will create a good basis for your baby room.

I hope I was able to help you. If you have any question, please send them to me, together with a picture or a plan of your (future) baby room. I will definitely try to answer it!

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