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The home office of…



…is also the laundry-room en the room to put the things you can’t put anywhere else!

The main advantage is that the room is really bright, and the walls are light so it adds to it. The disadvantage is that when you sit in a messy room, the mess reaches your mind as well. I’d rather not think about that poor printer when the washing machine starts wringing… So tidying up comes first on the to-do list!


The desk seems big enough to me, I can see that 2 people are using it. However I don’t see any closet or book-case where all the stuff could go in, and which could then be closed. I see no personal stuff on the pictures, on or close to the desk, like a nice moodboard where to get inspiration from, or frames with family pictures. Because it makes it so much nicer to sit there and work.

What I also see is that the besk is positioned in such a way that the person sitting has the door in her/his back, and the other one has the door on his/her side. Although it’s difficult ot get it perfectly positioned, I would still suggest to give it a try and to place it so that at least one person sits with the wall in her/his back. It feels much better to sit like this and allows the person to see who’s coming in! For the 2nd person it’s more difficult, he/she ends up with the door or with the window on his/er back, I would suggest the 2nd option, and then to be careful with the sunlight coming from the window, and maybe to use a blind to prevent issues with the computer screen.



… is likely to be a place where he does not stay very long. It is pretty neutral and I don’t see any personal stuff. It makes it pretty anonymous.

What I see as well is that he does not seem to have a closet or a book-case to store the papers and magazines that are now lying on the gorund, and there are only 2 blocks under the desk. My first suggestion would therefore be to put a closet behind the desk or on the side, so that Peter can use it easily.

My 2nd point is that the desk is in the entrance of the house, and I don’t see any separation (fixed or mobile) between his office and the living-room. When he sits there and the kids are not home, that’s not an issue, but if he sits there when the family is around, I bet he has difficulties to concentrate and make phone calls.

However, he already sits with the wall on his back and has a good overview of the whole house. The idea would be to place a room divider on his right side.

The light only comes from the ceiling, I don;t see any other lamp on or close to the desk, so I wonder if he has enough light.

I would make this home office a bit more personal, by adding more pictures on the wall, or a notice board, and maybe as well put a nice and healthy plant in the corner.

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  1. Peter permalink
    27/11/2009 9:52 am

    Thanks alot for the very good tips Madeleine. I will work on the improvement area’s, very usefull.

    Regards, peter

  2. 22/03/2010 12:40 pm

    Dear mate,

    I found very helpful articles in here, and I hope we can exchange a lot information about home improvement, interior decoration, etc.

    Please check out my site any time. 😀

    Moderator of

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