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How long will it take to sell this house?


Here below you will find some pictures of a “ready for sale” house.

The entrance has to be free. Free of everything that usually sits on the way and blocks the traffic, like boxes, garbage bags, grocery bags etc.! It needs to be inviting, bright and completely empty.

We haven’t taken everything away, a kitchen is a room where you (or whoever cooks!) spend generally quite some time, so you can leave some stuff. However you can’t leave too much either, otherwise it becomes too personal and prevents the potential buyer to imagine himself in this room. The picture shows the most important items: space to store all your stuff, the kitchen range, a big counter and the bright light from outside.

This lounge was really too full, and too red as well. We took out the deck chair, the children stuff (otherwise, if the potential buyer does not have kids, he or she will think that this house is not for him or her). We changed the lamp shades for more neutral ones, and removed the rug to show the beautiful wooden floor.

This kids bedroom was far too dark and too busy as well. In order to make it lighter we used white curtains and white bedcovers, and then added pink orchids and cushions to give it a bit of colour.

This master bedroom was a bit too dark. Therefore we used white accessories to give it more light. We then used cushions and the plaid to give it a little bit of colour, otherwise it would look too sterile.

Apart from tidying up… A room needs to have a specific function, so this one became a spare bedroom. We accessorized it with 2 bedside tables, 2 assorted lamps. We used a white bedcover and pink cushions to compensate for the busy wallpaper.

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